Black Dog Honey

Raw Honey, From Our Hives Straight To You!

We bee-leave it natural.

We are a Australian family business,

  100% powered by renewable energy.

Our RAW honey is manufactured by nature. We simply uncap, cold extract, mesh filter and store it.

Nothing else.

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Black Dog Honey

Based in Northern NSW, Black Dog Honey is an Australian family owned and operated producer of premium Raw Rainforest Honey.

Our operation is completely powered by our off grid solar sytem and we use glass bottles, commercially compostable containers or compostable pouches rather than plastic containers to reduce our impact on the environment.

Black Dog Honey provides quality Raw Honey, Honeycomb, Beeswax and Beeswax Candles to customers located all across Australia.

Shop online or with one of our local retailers and support locally made, untreated and pure Australian honey.

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