Sustainable Beekeeping Business

Our Sustainable Beekeeping business is a fully off-grid operation.

Being a sustainable beekeeping business in an environmental sense is as important to us as caring for our girls. To keep our impact on the world around us as little as possible has always been a driving factor for us.

Whilst we choose external products like packaging carefully, it is the in-house operation where we really have the opportunity to show case that a small, family operated business can be successfully run with the environment in mind.

That is why all of our infrastructure, our workshop, office operation and of course the honey production is powered by either our 20+kw off grid solar system or by our back up diesel generator.

The diesel generator in converted to run on locally acquired BIO-diesel made from used waste vegetable oils, sourced from shops and restaurants in the area.

Sustainable Beekeeping Business
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Our sustainable packaging

Glass Jars, Not Plastic Buckets !

As a sustainable beekeeping business, packaging is carefully selected with the environment in mind. We try our hardest to pack our products in container that are either biodegradable, fully compostable or at the very least, recyclable.

We dislike plastic tubs, so we only use glass jars for our raw honey and our delicious raw honey comb  is packaged in a commercially compostable, plant based container which can be simply disposed of in the green bin.

If the green bin is not an options, general waste is fine too, at least it will break down within a very short time frame.

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Why are honey bees so important?

From a global point of view, honey bees are the most common pollinating insect for food crops.

Bees also contribute to the Australian economy, indirectly, through pollination services as roughly one-third of the food we consume every day, relies on the help of our stripy friends. These foods include products like tomatoes, strawberries, apples, oranges, elderberries, cranberries, sunflowers, macadamia nuts, and peaches.

Honey bees also play a significant role in the pollination of other important crops such as cotton and flax. And there are also several valuable non-food products produced by the honey bee, such as beeswax used in cleaning and beauty products.

Australia is producing between 25,000 and 30,000 tonnes of honey annually.

Sustainable Beekeeping business

Location of the Apiary

Our Apiaries are located in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW.

To be more specific, we are located around the beautiful area of Nimbin. The foraging bees have access to hundreds of acres of pristine rain forest,  national parks as well as backyards and reserves.  Being a sustainable beekeeping business means for us not constantly moving bees around. 

We go with the nectar-flow. In return, this puts a lot less stress on bees and humans involved and we are able to bottle the fresh aromas of the current flowers for our customers.

This makes every harvest unique, special and exciting, there is no such thing as the same taste like last time.

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Why support your local Beekeepers

Beekeeping is like many other agricultural businesses very reliant on the support of people who appreciate the effort that goes into the product.

We believe that supporting the independent farmer not only has a direct impact on their produce, it also means less food miles and less processing required. All of this results in a healthier and more beneficial product for consumers.

A fair share of honey purchased from large shops contain either imported honey, has been blended with syrups, have no goodness left in them due to the high processing temperatures or are outright fake honey.

Importing honey has not only economic consequences for small family businesses like ours, it also increases the risk of diseases to be brought into Australia. Whilst it does not effect humans at all, spores of diseases in honey can have catastrophic consequenses for bee colonies.

To do our part, we must keep our bees in the best possible health and shape, so we happily spent countless hours making sure the operation runs smoothly and safe for everyone involved.

We appreciate you supporting Black Dog Honey by shopping online, or by shopping with one of our local retailers and try our famous Raw Rainforest Honey today.