About Us

Black Dog Honey

About us! We are a couple that live in Nimbin, in the beautiful Northern Rivers of NSW which is Bundjalung Country. Together we believe in a life based on sustainable living and have put much love into our property and food gardens to keep our bees and bellies happy!

Jens has a background in the building industry and has been a hobby beekeeper for a number of years before expanding the operation into the business that Black Dog Honey is today.

Lisa being the creative nature, is doing the much appreciated behind the scenes work to keep the business running smooth.

Together we compliment each other very well and have many laughs.


Why ‘Black Dog’

‘Black Dog’ honey is named after our adorable Kelpie Cross called Ben. Ben came into our lives as a rescue dog and has accompanied us on many of our adventures.

Due to Ben’s infectious nature, he has been the inspiration behind much of our work. He also ‘helps’  with the extraction of our honey and supervision of the bees.


Our Girls

Our Girls are Italian Honeybees, they are calm in nature and are viable workers.

They feed on an abundance and variety of local flora around the pristine , world heritage listed rainforest around Nimbin in northern NSW.

We don’t move our hives during the season, which gives our honey a different, unique flavour throughout the year.

We treat our bees with the upmost respect and care , spending countless ours looking after their health and wellbeing. In return,  we are rewarded with some of the best Raw Honey in Australia.